For generations, Vancouver has been known as the cultural hub of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Its vibrant public spaces, deeply involved communities and its willingness to engage with new ideas and innovation has led Vancouver to develop a distinct artistic culture of incredible merit and value; one that is worth preserving.

The Greater Vancouver Society for the Arts is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We were founded to advance Greater Vancouver’s rich, distinct artistic culture, and to work towards artistic education that follows that lineage.

Mission Statement

To preserve, promote and advance Greater Vancouver’s distinct artistic culture and Arts Education in the public interest

Current Work

  • Advocating for the creation and maintenance of artistically significant public spaces in Greater Vancouver
  • Advancing the interests of the general public and artists in the upcoming statutory review of the Copyright Act of Canada
  • Working with municipal governments and local community organizations to develop funding and display opportunities for public art

We have a particular interest in representing the interests of under-represented artistic groups in the Greater Vancouver region, such as First Nations, fan fiction writers, cosplayers, student and youth artists, street musicians and urban artists. We also strongly support free culture initiatives, and the proliferation of Vancouver’s unique artistic culture across Canada and the world.